What I Read: 2009


Grant Buday, Dragonflies (2008)

Lawrence Lessig, Remix (2008)

Chris Bachelder, U.S.! (2006)

Ben Karlin [ed.], Things I’ve Learned from Women Who’ve Dumped Me (2008)

Lee Gowan, Confession (2009)


Kevin Chong, Baroque-A-Nova (2001)

George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London (1933)

Nicholson Baker, U and I (1991)

Chris Cleave, Little Bee (2009)


David Denby, Snark (2009)

Junot Diaz, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (2007)

Hugh Johnston, Radical Campus: Making Simon Fraser University (2005)

Colin McAdam, Fall (2009)


[nothing finished—see first item in May]


David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest (1996)

Wells Tower, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned (2009)

Joan Didion, The White Album (1979)

Nicholson Baker, The Mezzanine (1988)

Santiago Roncagliolo, Red April (2009)

Chuck Palahniuk, Pygmy (2009)


Donna Tartt, The Secret History (1992)

Aleksandar Hemon, Love and Obstacles (2009)

Clancy Martin, How to Sell (2009)

Graham Greene, The Captain and the Enemy (1988)


Percival Everett, I am Not Sidney Poitier (2009)

Nathan Rabin, The Big Rewind (2009)

Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire (1962)

Dave Eggers, Zeitoun (2009)


Thomas Pynchon, Slow Learner: Early Stories (1984)

Jonathan Lethem, As She Climbed Across the Table (1997)

Aravind Adiga, The White Tiger (2008)

Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice (2009)

David Foster Wallace, Consider the Lobster (2005)


Douglas Coupland, Generation A (2009)

Billeh Nickerson, McPoems (2009)

Tom Wolfe, The Painted Word (1975)

Lorrie Moore, Birds of America (1998)

Chester Brown, Louis Riel (2003)

Nick Hornby, Juliet, Naked (2009)


Philip Hoare, Leviathan; Or, The Whale (2008)

Lorrie Moore, A Gate at the Stairs (2009)

John Ortved, The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History (2009)

Tao Lin, Shoplifting from American Apparel (2009)


Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence (2009)

Charles Demers, The Prescription Errors (2009)

John Hersey, Hiroshima (1985)

Nicholson Baker, The Anthologist (2009)

Tao Lin, Shoplifting from American Apparel (again)

Chris Bachelder, Bear v. Shark: The Novel (2001)


Jonathan Lethem, Chronic City (2009)

Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals (2009)

Zadie Smith, Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays (2009)

David Foster Wallace, Oblivion (2004)

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Diamond as Big as the Ritz (1922)


Fiction: 35/53 (66%)

Non-fiction: 16/53 (30%)

Male Authors: 48/53 (91%)

Female Authors: 5/53 (9%)

Books in Translation: 2/53 (4%)

Most-read Author: Nicholson Baker; David Foster Wallace (3 each)

Favourite Book: U.S.!

Obvious, Five-star Classics: Infinite JestPale Fire