What I Read: 2013


Roberto Bolaño, Antwerp (2002, trans. Natasha Wimmer)

Roberto Bolaño, Woes of the True Policeman (2011, trans. Natasha Wimmer)

Martín Adán, The Cardboard House (1928, trans. Katherine Silver)

Manuel Gonzales, The Miniature Wife (2013)

Jay-Z, Decoded (2010)

C.P. Boyko, Psychology and Other Stories (2012) (CDN)

Jean-Philippe Toussaint, The Bathroom (1985, trans. Nancy Amphoux and Paul De Angelis)

Javier Marías, Bad Nature, or With Elvis in Mexico (1996, trans. Esther Allen)

Richard Van Camp, Godless but Loyal to Heaven (2012) (CDN)*

Elaine Dundy, The Dud Avocado (1958)

Lynn Coady, Strange Heaven (1998) (CDN)*


Lynn Coady, Play the Monster Blind (2000) (CDN)*

Demetri Martin, Point Your Face at This (2013)

Lemony Snicket, “Who Could That Be at This Hour?” (All the Wrong Questions #1) (2012)

George Saunders, Tenth of December (2013)

Nellie Carlson and Kathleen Steinhauer (as told to Linda Goyette), Disinherited Generations (2013) (CDN)*

Francine Prose, Blue Angel (2000)

Robert Walser, The Walk (1917, trans. Christopher Middleton and Susan Bernofsky)

Bertram Brooker, Think of the Earth (1936) (CDN)

Michael Ondaatje, The Cat’s Table (2011) (CDN)

Ewa Lipska, Sefer (2009, trans. Barbara Bogoczek and Tony Howard)


Annette Lapointe, Whitetail Shooting Gallery (2012) (CDN)*

Shelley A. Leedahl, Listen, Honey (2012) (CDN)*

Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient (1992) (CDN)

Michael Ondaatje, Running in the Family (1982) (CDN)

Alison Wearing, Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter (2013) (CDN)

Gail Sidonie Sobat, Not with a Bang (2012) (CDN)*

Corinna Chong, Belinda’s Rings (2013) (CDN)

Michael Ondaatje, Divisadero (2007) (CDN)

Marty Chan, Barnabus Bigfoot: A Hairy Tangle (2012) (CDN)*

Keavy Martin, Stories in a New Skin (2012) (CDN)*

Timothy Caulfield, The Cure for Everything! (2012) (CDN)*


Wayne Arthurson, A Killing Winter (2012) (CDN)*

Sheri-D Wilson, Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe (2012) (CDN)*

Will Ferguson, 419 (2012) (CDN)*

Fran Kimmel, The Shore Girl (2012) (CDN)*

Laura Salverson, The Dark Weaver (1937) (CDN)

César Aira, Ghosts (1990, trans. Chris Andrews)

Nathaniel Philbrick, In the Heart of the Sea (2000)

Juan Rulfo, Pedro Páramo (1955, trans. Margaret Sayers Peden)

Marc Maron, Attempting Normal (2013)

Muriel Spark, The Ballad of Peckham Rye (1960)


Gwethalyn Graham, Swiss Sonata (1938) (CDN)

Marita Daschel, Glossolalia (2013) (CDN)

Italo Calvino, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller (1979, trans. William Weaver)

Adam Marek, The Stone Thrower (2013)

Ali Bryan, Roost (2013) (CDN)*

Clarice Lispector, The Foreign Legion (1964, trans. Giovanni Pontiero)

César Aira, An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter (2000, trans. Chris Andrews)

Daniel Defoe, The King of Pirates (1719)

Ken Tingley and Lawrence Herzog, Building a Legacy (2013) (CDN)*


Jorge Luis Borges, Professor Borges (2000, trans. Katherine Silver)

Franklin Davey McDowell, The Champlain Road (1939) (CDN)

Patricio Pron, My Fathers’ Ghost Is Climbing in the Rain (2011, trans. Mara Faye Lethem)

David Bellos, Is That a Fish in Your Ear? (2011)

Norm Sibum, The Traymore Rooms (2013) (CDN)


Edith Grossman, Why Translation Matters (2010)

Ringuet, Thirty Acres (1938, trans. Felix and Dorothea Walker) (CDN)

Nancy Jo Cullen, Canary (2013) (CDN)

Tash Aw, Five Star Billionaire (2013)

Tao Lin, Taipei (2013)

Jani Krulc, The Jesus Year (2013) (CDN)*

Lynn Coady, Hellgoing (2013) (CDN)*

Alissa Nutting, Tampa (2013)

Javier Marías, All Souls (1989, trans. Margaret Jull Costa)

Simon Rich, The Last Girlfriend on Earth (2013)


Alan Sullivan, Three Came to Ville Marie (1941) (CDN)

David Rakoff, Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish (2013) (CDN)

Jess Walter, We Live in Water (2013)

Neamat Imam, The Black Coat (2013) (CDN)*

Michael Winter, The Big Why (2004) (CDN)

Michael Winter, Minister Without Portfolio (2013) (CDN)

Nicholson Baker, Traveling Sprinkler (2013)

Perrine Leblanc, Kolia (2010, trans. David Scott Hamilton) (CDN)

Jennifer Quist, Love Letters of the Angels of Death (2013) (CDN)*


Thomas Pynchon, Bleeding Edge (2013)

Thea Bowering, Love at Last Sight (2013) (CDN)*

Diana Davidson, Pilgrimage (2013) (CDN)*

Todd Babiak, Come Barbarians (2013) (CDN)*

Lauren Elkin and Scott Esposito, The End of Oulipo? (2013)

G. Herbert Sallans, Little Man (1942) (CDN)


Anakana Schofield, Malarky (2012) (CDN) (re-read)

Todd Babiak, Just Getting Started (2013) (CDN)*

Trevor Cole, Practical Jean (2010) (CDN)

Ross King, Leonardo and the Last Supper (2012) (CDN)

Junot Diaz, This Is How You Lose Her (2012)

Lemony Snicket, “When Did You See Her Last?” (All the Wrong Questions #2) (2013)

Malcolm Gladwell, David and Goliath (2013) (CDN)

Erlend Loe, Lazy Days (2009, trans. Don Bartlett and Don Shaw)


Naomi K. Lewis and Rona Altrows, eds., Shy (2013) (CDN)*

Mary Roach, Gulp (2013)

Philip K. Dick, The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike (1984)

Daniel Alarcón, At Night We Walk in Circles (2013)

Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth (2013) (CDN)

Rosemary Nixon, Are You Ready to Be Lucky? (2013) (CDN)*

Grant Lawrence, The Lonely End of the Rink (2013)


David M. Friedman, A Mind of Its Own (2001)

Javier Marías, The Infatuations (2011, trans. Margaret Jull Costa)

Mauricio Segura, Eucalyptus (2010, trans. Donald Winkler)

Leo Kanner, Folklore of the Teeth (1928)

Jon Mooallem, Wild Ones (2013)

Lydia Davis, Break it Down (1986)

David Grann, The Lost City of Z (2009)

* * * * *


Fiction: 76/103 (74%) 

Non-fiction: 24/103 (23%)

Books in translation: 20/103 (19%)

Male authors: 68.5/103 (67%)

Female authors: 34.5/103 (33%)

Canadian authors: 52/103 (50%)

Most-read author: Michael Ondaatje (4)

Favourite not-new book: A Mind of Its Own

Obvious, five-star classics: If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller

* * * * *


2013: 40

2010s: 25

2000s: 12

1990s: 4

1980s: 5

1970s: 1

1960s: 2

1950s: 2

1940s: 2

1930s: 5

1920s: 2

1910s: 1

1700s: 1